This is a collective inquiry, sensing and exploring the emerging edges of what it means to co-create spaces for collective healing & beyond. Insights and learning are and will be continuously harvested and shared to ripple beyond any event or gathering. Experiences and connections among practitioners have ignited a community of practice and new collaborations.

A growing team of seasoned facilitators from the US and Europe is hosting new types of gatherings exploring how we can create spaces that enable collective healing in order to move to life-generating actions. These gatherings are prototyping an interweaving of practices to enhance our capacity to work with systemic and historic traumas and patterns. Emergent in nature, we weave together various organizational and creative processes that enable groups and communities to access healing shifts, allowing generative life and love to be restored.

These gatherings hold the intention for practitioners to:

• Experience a rich combination of ways to approach collective healing that you can integrate into your work and life

• Deepen skills in using empathic ways of knowing to understand the historical patterns that affect a situation

• Experience shifts in releasing stuck patterns and insights into healthy pathways forward

• Discover the creative impulse that arises out of the experience of sustained collective presence and witnessing

• Connect, learn together, and build friendships with others who are drawn to explore collective healing practices

Deep Circle

Hands1A leader in every chair

Circle Practice, a core conversational form that enables deeper listening and thinking together in order to develop emergent understandings and ideas.

Systemic Constellations

acknowledging ancestors and historic dynamics

Systemic Constellation work, an experiential way to embody, understand and heal hidden dynamics and relationships within families, communities and societies over time.

The Art of Hosting

p1060432Conversations that Matter

The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter includes different large group methodologies like World Café, Open Space Technology and others and models and design for emergent knowledge and shared insights to appear.

transformational  arts

IMG_1726Access intuition and subtle knowing

Biodanza, making music together, drawing, writing… let us access other layers of insights and knowing.


power of place and nature: honoring the land

Respect and honour all of life

Core elements of ritual, ceremony and sacred traditions, including respect for the sacredness of the land and the stories it holds.