Team Florida gathering ’16

A team of experienced facilitators from diverse professional fields in the U.S. and Europe has come together to prototype a process for creating experiences of healing at a collective level. The team brings experience in Art of Hosting, systemic constellation, healing trauma, arts and creative expression, social innovation, gender, peace and justice work, and working cross-culturally in many countries and cultures on challenging social and environmental issues.

This gathering is one seed in a fertile field of practices, both ancient and emerging, for collective healing. Some tremendous work has been done within communities of color, Native American communities, and others. With the backgrounds of this hosting team, we recognize the need for those of white and European ancestry to understand our role, history, and how we can bring healing of these patterns. We welcome and are eager to learn with a diverse group who feel called to explore this territory and share experiences across cultures and places.

Judy Wallace

Judy Wallace bio1


I have a deep soul commitment and evolving curiosity about how we will collectively create a future where all can thrive.  My work journey has interwoven teaching amidst the turmoil and trauma of the American Civil Rights Movement, and later working and living in a Europe still in the shadow and legacy of World War II and the Communist oppression of the Eastern countries.  I participated in projects in Guatemala, Egypt, and Viet Nam where ancient and modern histories still beg to be healed on multiple levels of interpretation as victims and perpetrators intersect.

I have co-hosted various circles, gatherings, and virtual calls across 5 continents, as groups inquire into large questions to sense together the deeper collective emergent knowing asking to be brought alive. These initiatives have included Women Moving the Edge, the Collective Presencing Lab, Circles of Conscious Creation, the Art of Humans Being, and now Creating Collective Healing Spaces where I offer systemic constellations for large scale collective healing.  These are enhanced by Art of HostingPresencing/ULab and Collective Presencing capacity building practices so that we as humans, in partnership with our planet, can step into healing and evolving beyond our collective wounding.

Analesa Berg

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I am a cross-cultural leadership consultant, transformational artist, and speaker. I began my career while living for five years in Tokyo, Japan. Upon returning to the United States, I continued to help international clients appreciate one another’s cultures and work creatively beyond difference.

I am happy to be working again with my Art of Hosting colleagues on this project. Over the years we’ve co-created healing spaces for young leaders and activists dedicated to social change in Brazil, Denmark, Europe, and the USA. I have advanced degrees in Social Work and Transpersonal Psychology with a special emphasis in creative expression. As a Jewish woman, I am well aware of generational trauma held in my body. My ability to continually transform it through constellation, artwork, and energy healing gives me the strength and passion to do collective healing work with others.
I enjoy traveling the world and coming home to the beauty of Western Massachusetts, USA.

Holly Masturzo



Holly is a writer and artist currently serving as Professor of Humanities at Florida State College. For more than twenty years, she has designed learning programs for adults and youth of all ages using art, literature, movement and other cultural expressions in a variety of non-profit and community settings, including hospitals, museums, nature preserves and dance studios.

Holly also is an experienced facilitator of dialogue processes and professional development retreats and workshops for diverse audiences from academic faculty and staff to spiritual communities and grief support groups. Learn more about her work at

Beth Tener

Beth Tener


I am drawn to learn and experiment with ways to work for social and ecological change that are themselves healing, for ourselves, our communities, and the earth.

As a facilitator and coach with New Directions Collaborative, I work with a range of social change initiatives and networks in New England, drawing on Art of Hosting, strategic questioning, listening, and other tools to help people find ways to be more together.

I am intrigued with how systemic constellation can enable insight into how the past affects the present and offer direct experience of how systems are blocked and can find their way to healthy flow.

Ria Baeck

Baeck Ria pasfoto - Julie


I started my professional life as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. I’m born, raised and living in Belgium. My earlier work was in psychotherapy and personal development integrating the body in the process of healing; also trauma healing (based on Somatic Experiencing). Besides being a coach and mentor, who combines deep compassion, bodily awareness and a lust for life, I facilitate and host transformation in individuals and groups. I am a transformational change professional who has a rich background of experience and interests, also working with Systemic and Organizational Constellations, revealing the hidden dynamics in human systems and bringing them into flow again.

My personal interest is in the field of conscious and participatory leadership (eg. Art of Hosting) and how this relates to team, groups and communities – and global systems. The synergy of different trainings and expertise give me the skills to discern easily the origin of blockages in organisations and systems in general: in the realm of the relationships, in the structure or in the individual. Because I draw on the mental, the emotional and the intuitive knowing, it often brings totally new and fresh solutions in a short time. I am always fascinated by ‘What else is possible?’ and ‘What’s next?’.

You can read more about my work on these two websites: Collective presencing (content from a new book!) and my general website.


Steve Ryman



Steve is a global nomad, often a Sacred Outsider, traveling the world, witnessing life’s unfolding, asking questions, listening, sharing stories and holding space for healing.   He offers his gifts where he can contribute, but is most of all continually learning what it means to be human, vulnerable and present in all situations.  He is a practitioner and steward in the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter and has a particular interest in ‘frontier’ areas of the world and in building capacity by supporting younger practitioners in their learning.

Steve’s journey began in the United States where he worked in rural healthcare for over thirty years, developing a strong discomfort with modern medicine and the commoditization of health. His inquiry into what it means to host himself and others in healing processes and conversations has been his quest on his nomadic journey.  This inquiry has been informed by experiences and training in martial arts, ontological coaching, mindfulness meditation, Qi Gong and ancient energy-based healing practices, neuroscience, a vision quest and deep conversation.

For the past four years, Steve has traveled as a nomad, responding to invitations to contribute his gifts.  This journey has included several pilgrimages and has taken him into work with people seeking refuge and asylum in the Balkans, survivors of the Arab spring in Cairo, communities traumatized by political violence in Zimbabwe, and with people dealing with personal wounds and shadows in China, India, Vietnam, Europe and elsewhere.  He is practicing in a gift economy as potential source of healing personal and collective wounds associated with money and our modern economy.

Sarah Whiteley



I am inspired by how evolving the edge of our consciousness and actions in service of life, demands the inclusion of subtle arts and intelligences from multiple dimensions in order to contribute to the systemic shifts needed at this time, including evolving the power of consciousness itself.

I guide and host the conscious evolution of individuals and groups; tracking and narrating the practices and processes of subtle artistry, systemic transformation and conscious evolution.

Luea Ritter



I have a background as an art curator leading several trans-disciplinary organizations. It inspires me to work in diverse sectors (Social Innovation, Renewable Energy, Arts, Health, i.a.) as a systemic constellator, facilitator & advisor for organizational, community & cultural development.

The way we are relating to land (geo-relations), processes for multi-stakeholder dialogue & the regenerative approach has become a main area of focus. The underlying source is the passion for co-creating conscious environments, where the whole can unfold serenely and the contribution to a integral way forward for the complex challenge we are facing today.

Madeline Snow



I work with groups and organizations on energy and sustainability.

I have been struck by how Art of Hosting practices and Systemic Constellation can help individuals and groups “see” their way through problems and challenges.

I am a first-generation Greek-American and native of Boston, Massachusetts in the US.



Katie Boone

Katie Boone


I am a global host practitioner, stewarding the practices and principles in Art of Hosting.  I come from an extensive background in non-profit, community, and academic and entrepreneurial worlds.

My focus continues to explore ways to foster healing with communities, organizations and systems that want to authentically create meaningful change. I have worked extensively within immigrant and refugee communities, early childhood, youth, veterans, and health and well-being initiatives and in the last two years I have been exploring creative economic development with underserved and overlooked populations, helping entrepreneurs heal into their full potential and lead their dreams.