Here is a growing collection of resources we use or find inspiring for ourselves, or for you, as reader here.  Some is background information, some are about the tools and methods we use. There is also a Facebook group where these kind of resources can be shared.

Please note this is a work in progress, and it will grow over time.

On Historic and Collective Trauma

  • ESSAY: Recognising and Healing Malignant Shame, by Garrett O’Connor: an essay on how the Irish identity is shaped by the history of English colonialism. As an example for other cultural identities formed under century long abuse of power.
  • BOOK: Killing in the Name of Identity. A Study of Bloody Conflicts. by Vamik Volkan. 2006.


On Healing Historic and Collective Trauma

on Healing Family and Inter-generational Trauma

on Systemic Constellation work

on the Art of Hosting and Circle Practice

on Trauma and Epigenetics