Our Mission

We are called from our hearts

Fall '09 009

We, who are called to work on the emerging edge and new fields, sense the potential to create novel forms and methodologies, to listen to the deeper call of what wants to be healed, what wants to be birthed.

This is a call from our hearts that we feel drawn to follow. We do not know yet where it will lead, but we are walking toward the sense of potential together, co-creating as we go. Putting out the beacon of what we are creating and discovering many others are drawn in as well, attracted to the possibilities.

This co-creative process is what the world urgently needs. For each of us to follow a creative call, and for us collectively to bring in new forms to heal communities and the earth.

Our story

In Fall 2012, two members of our hosting team began to hear such a call. They imagined a collective healing process, that included the transformational processes and social technologies of The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations being brought together with expressive arts and Systemic Constellations, an experiential way to embody and understand hidden dynamics and relationships within families, communities and societies over time.

This expanded into a deep-diving collective inquiry in widening circles of conversation and connection. It drew in people who were exploring in their own ways and contexts what it means to address collective trauma and create collective healing spaces. There was a sense that by unblocking some of the historic and collective trauma, we can get to the full human potential and the real innovation in social change work. Two interactive virtual gatherings were held in 2014 and 2015, drawing people from North America and Europe, exploring our questions, such as “What if collective trauma is not a problem to be solved, but rather gifts, opportunities and possibilities that we have in front of us?”

From there a group continued in virtual call space to hold the field during the last half of 2015. These were powerful virtual circles that continued to develop the inquiry, spun off triads, and stimulated interest in coming together in person.  And so we heard the call to gather in 2016.

Arising from these rich and inspiring conversations, two working groups have formed, one based in the US, another based in Europe. Each and together they are carrying the conversation further into the world with gatherings, this website, and more that we anticipate will emerge.

Contact us

The best way to contact us is by email to interweaving@posteo.net.