August ’16, twenty-six people came together at the beautiful Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA for the first gathering to explore ‘Hosting Collective Healing Spaces’.

With open and warmed hearts we think of this intense and rich time we have spent – living together as a learning village. There is still much rippling out among the participants as we embody new practices, relationships, opportunities, and excitement  – and one deep learning: healing can not be the end point, the ultimate goal.

Healing is in service of more life, better life, inspired life – life-affirming!

This brought the current team to articulate the guiding question for our next gathering ‘Interweaving’ – 20 -24 June ’18 in Amalurra, Spain – as:

How can we collectively re-align in these turbulent times
– with each other, our bodies and the land –
in service of life-affirming actions?

IS THIS FOR YOU? We know that our world is full of inspired, innovative human beings who are passionate about creating nurturing, resourceful communities hopeful for and mindful of our shared future. If you want to dive deep together with others, explore the edges of our knowing, want to learn how to interweave different practices – we welcome you!
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We walk in the shadows of history

Too often humanity repeats cycles of escalating violence and age-old patterns of hurtful social division. The aftereffects seem to limit our capacity to address our greatest challenges from climate change and ethnic and gender prejudice to immigration crises sparked by warfare or even genocide.

We walk in the shadows of history. Traumas that occurred generations before us continue to play out and will continue to impact us until we unearth, understand and shift their patterns.


How TO create spaces for collective healing… and Beyond?

imageWe have been asking ourselves what if these unhealed traumas block the energy needed to shift to a healthier future. If we know that engaging in healing process can create transformative shifts on a personal level, what could it look like and how would it feel to create community spaces for healing at a collective level?

Beyond cross-cultural understanding, good dialogues, and all kinds of diversity training, deeper – more embodied – spaces of connection and belonging are called for in order to bring about lasting cultural change.

We believe we are entering a critical moment where we need to interweave different practices in order to embody the capacities for witnessing deep historical to then being able to use the released energy in creative and generative ways.

safe learning space

To do this well, we need safe spaces that allow all of us to go beyond habitual speech and invite us to open our hearts in order to access and embrace also other ways of knowing. Ultimately, we need to discover how to create group experiences that foster belonging and enable post-traumatic growth where shared struggles propel us to more connectedness, resilience, joy and more!

Join our gathering, June ’18, in the beautiful surroundings of Amalurra, in Spain!